Teach our Kids by Example

Children learn by example. Research shows that the involvement of parents in physical activity can increase a child’s participation.

Set a good example for your child in the following ways:

  • Regularly participate in physical activity yourself.
  • Allow your child to choose the type of activity they are interested in.
  • Promote acceptance of different body shapes and ability levels.
  • Reinforce the social benefits as well as the physical.
  • Help your child develop skills and strategies for coping with different physical activity environments.
  • Involve your child in physical activities around the home such as gardening, washing the car or house cleaning.
  • Walk short distances instead of taking the car. Encourage and support walking and cycling to school.
  • Take your child for regular walks around the neighbourhood. Babies and young children can be pushed along in prams – once they get older, encourage them to walk part of the way.
  • Restrict television watching, surfing the net and playing computer games to less than two hours per day. Limit viewing to programs that family members specifically want to watch. When the program is finished, turn the television off.