Australia is currently experiencing the worst drug epidemic in history. The drug ICE that comes from the Amphetamine family of illegal drugs is affecting individuals and families across the whole of the country. The drug is highly potent and addictive. Addicts are getting hooked on this destructive drug even after trying it once. It is suggested the number of people addicted to ICE is over 100,000 but it is very difficuilt to get the correct number.

IDP is a non-profit organisation whose objectives include the dissemination of material and information to increase awareness of prevention of disease.

Given the significant rise in drug addiction amongst teenagers in the Austalian community IDP has resolved that this is a valid area consistent with its objectives to focus on through the implementation and rollout of a education program to teenagers through schools and other identified mediums.

The Program

To underake a school based program whereby a Counsellor would attend the school and provide educational material and advises to strudents primarily in years 10,11 and 12 about the dangers of drugs, their addictions and how to say no.